The following is a list of resources to help parents, caregivers, and/or participants seek additional financial support for program participation. For additional assistance, check with your private insurance and your employer’s Human Resource Benefits Department for matching gifts or other support.

The Ingeborg A. Biondo Memorial Foundation

“Summer camp” scholarships are available for qualified individuals to participate in non-profit programs, such as GAIT TRC. Application registration begins yearly during early spring and are awarded in the summer, to be used as needed throughout the current year.

These scholarships are able to be used for any of GAIT’s therapeutic programs throughout the year. Please note that Biondo’s application form is separate from GAIT’s, so you will still need to complete GAIT’s forms each year prior to participation. Current “camp applications” are available HERE, via Biondo’s website. Application Deadline: April 1, 2019

Pike Autism Support Services

Pike Autism Support Services (PASS) offers support and resources to those affected by ASD. Scholarships are available for recreational activities such as GAIT’s programs, Challenger Baseball, and Challenger Soccer. Parents can request a scholarship application by contacting or All applications will be submitted to the I-Care Committee for review.

Jean Work Scholarship Fund

GAIT TRC is committed to providing financial assistance to those who would otherwise not be able to participate in GAIT’s programs. Prospective applicants are expected to exhaust all other financial options prior to submitting their request. All requests are reviewed by GAIT’s Board of Directors and scholarships are awarded based on availability of funds, participant’s need, commitment, and previous awards.

We do ask that those who have received a scholarship assist with fundraising events when possible and provide a testimonial of how GAIT’s programs have benefited them. These testimonials are used in grant applications, newspaper articles, presentations, and donation requests in order to replenish funds each year. Click HERE to download an application form.