Board of Directors

The staff, volunteers, and program participants would like to thank GAIT’s Board of Directors and Advisory Council for their commitment and dedication to GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center.

Their efforts to procure additional funding for GAIT TRC through donations, memberships, grants, and fundraisers have helped to keep program fees as low as possible. Thanks to their tireless efforts, GAIT is able to provide low- no cost services for as many families in our community as possible.

GAIT TRC’s Board of Directors

Paul Stefany, President
Jen Grogan, Secretary
Jing Moore, Treasurer
Ellen Rafferty
Vera Remes

Martha Dubensky, Executive Director
Founder and Advanced PATH-Certified Instructor

Advisory Council

Cheryl O’ Sullivan
Carol Witschel
Tamara Chant
Jack Donson
Christine Favreaux
Nicole Hammer
Wendy Kaplan
Jill Mann
Chuck Petersheim
Anne Raider
Steve Raider

Christine Rolando
Eileen Smith
Fred Weber
Susan Weber
Joan Standora
Kathleen Warne