How Does GAIT TRC Affect the Members of our Community?

Kayleigh’s mother writes about volunteering:

“My husband and I wanted to thank you for having Kayleigh be part of the GAIT family.

… Since Kayleigh has joined GAIT as a volunteer she has made friends and has met some amazing people- she gets so excited to go to GAIT every Saturday! We are so excited for her! This has been a wonderful experience for Kayleigh- she has learned so much about working on the farm and the different kinds of horses. She’s learned that everyone is different on the outside but on the inside we’re all a lot alike; we all have a heart and we all have feelings. Being a volunteer at GAIT has socially changed her and has made a huge difference in her self esteem.

So thank you for changing my daughter’s life and giving her this experience! You’re all amazing people! I think you have a volunteer for life!”

Malachi’s mother writes about Hippotherapy:

“I would like to extend gratitude on behalf of my son, Malachi, and myself. We are very appreciative for your kindness and help during our participation in GAIT therapeutic services.

When Malachi first started at GAIT I did not think we would make it past our first session… He is a non- verbal, autistic boy and had no way of communicating his like or dislike of this new experience. It was a hard decision but I decided we would stick with it even though I was in despair.

To make a long story short, we have had a wonderful journey. We are far from that first time on the horse, and Malachi is doing great! He makes great improvements with each visit and consistently receives praise from the directors and side walkers…

Your teaching has supported Malachi’s growth and development and we are forever grateful!”

Lindsey and Daniel’s parents write about Therapeutic Riding:

“Our two children, Lindsey and Daniel, have been fortunate to have enjoyed participating as riders over the past few years in the Therapeutic Riding sessions at GAIT TRC. Lindsey and Daniel are both on the Autism Spectrum. The riding lessons bring them great joy and a sense of personal achievement.

…We know firsthand how great and important the therapeutic riding lessons at GAIT have been, giving our children and others a higher level of confidence and boost in self- esteem. Every year we are impressed of how GAIT continues to provide so many thankful riders and their families a fun, safe, friendly, and recreational experience in such an accepting environment. The staff and volunteers are so understanding and helpful with all the riders.

… GAIT has been very gracious and generous in providing scholarships to enable Daniel to continue his participation in the therapeutic riding lessons. Without GAIT’s kind gesture of the scholarships, there was no way Daniel would have been able to continue participating in the therapeutic riding lessons at GAIT.”

Biondo Foundation “Summer Camp” relays comments:

“He has demonstrated better listening/ follows directives. He is progressing with speech and signing. He also appears very relaxed on the horse (sensory). Staff were very accommodating. The staff were knowledgeable and connected with my son.”

“Every session brought its own unique style. My boys are learning to be more patient as well as cooperative. We have been going to GAIT since the boys were 8 and communication and patience was always there… We love the program; riders learn more and more each session.”

“At GAIT my daughter learned to look when handing communication card… and body awareness with colored rings and simple directions. The staff challenged my daughter and the progress she has made.”

“My son truly enjoys going to GAIT and it is so beneficial for him. He is able to work on balance and help keep his hips aligned properly.”

Justice Works Youth Care writes about Community Service:

“Thank you.. for allowing us the opportunity to come to your farm. You provide an opportunity where others have rejected our clients due to their bad choices. It truly helps these juveniles… The kids have told us on many occasions that they learned so much when performing community service, lessons that they will take throughout their life.

Thank you for taking the time to teach kids about equestrianism; most would never have such an experience without GAIT. Many of the juveniles we work with love to come to GAIT to perform community service hours, despite the fact that the work is hard.

Thank you for your commitment in helping all the youth in Pike County, regardless of their crimes they have committed, the poor decisions they have made in the past, or any other factors.”