Visit GAIT’s Labyrinth

You can visit GAIT’s labyrinth to relax, revive, refresh – appointments available on Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays.  Are labyrinths new to you?  Read on!

A labyrinth is a passage through which one must find one’s way.  Ancient forms may have represented a mechanism to isolate and disempower that which was feared (like the legendary Minotaur of ancient Greece).  By medieval times they symbolized our human journey from birth (entrance) to the divine (center).  Modern-day labyrinths, like the one at GAIT, provide an opportunity to walk with purpose in a sort of moving meditation while deepening our self-understanding and awareness.  

Popular throughout the world, labyrinths promote calm and mindfulness.  They give us the time and space we need to temporarily suspend logic and analysis and instead nurture our creativity and intuition.  The result can be both refreshing and rewarding.

There is no “right way” to walk a labyrinth, but in general, we recommend:

Focus:  Pause and wait at the entrance.  Become quiet and centered.  Breathe. Give acknowledgment through a bow, nod, or other gesture, and then enter.

Experience:  Walk purposefully.  Observe your process.  When you reach the center, stay and focus for several moments. Leave when it feels right. Trust yourself.  Be attentive on the way out.

Exit:  Turn and face the entrance. Acknowledge your ending (bow, nod, amen).

Reflect:  After walking, reflect. Use journaling or drawing to capture your experience. 

And finally, walk often.  To build a labyrinth is to create a sacred space; to walk one is to imbue it with power and meaning.  The more a labyrinth is used, the more powerful it becomes as a symbol of transformation. 

During stressful times, it can be difficult to find peace of mind. If you think that walking our labyrinth might help you, we invite you to make an appointment on an upcoming Monday, Friday, or Saturday to spend some time at GAIT.   (At this time, for safety’s sake, visits are by appointment only.)  Our farm is a quiet, peaceful, natural place that can help put your mind at ease.  Like our sign says, enter in pieces, leave in peace.   Call 570-409-1140 or email to request an appointment.