Volunteers Begin Returning to GAIT

Safety has always been the primary concern of GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center’s Board and Staff. To resume operations during the pandemic, we reviewed state, federal, and PATH International guidelines to develop enhanced safety protocols for all aspects of our operations. If recommendations change, we will update our plan accordingly. Everyone who comes to GAIT will be required to adopt the new protocols.

On June 5th, we invited our volunteers to return – in small groups, by appointment only – for intensive retraining. Some of the details for their retraining include:

  • Signing COVID-19 liability waivers; understanding and preventing risk
  • Learning new policies and practices concerning COVID-19 management
  • Practicing new “hands-off” techniques for assisting independent riders
  • Learning and practicing new horse grooming and handling techniques
  • Increasing levels of handwashing and sanitizing commonly uses surfaces
  • Recognizing new restrictions on access to certain parts of our facility

At this time GAIT TRC will be open by appointment only, even for volunteers. Volunteers must arrive/depart exactly at their scheduled time to allow time for sanitization between appointments.  They must wash their hands with soap and water before entering and after leaving the stable area; an outdoor handwashing station will be available for use.  (Volunteers are also welcomed to bring additional soap and sanitizer from home, as available supplies remain limited.)  

Our volunteers, who are at the heart of our operations, are eager to learn what they can do to ensure that everyone who comes to GAIT stays safe and healthy. We are excited to welcome them back and take our first steps toward re-opening for others.  For more information, please contact Diana Moldovan, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@gaittrc.org or 570-409-1140.