Jean Work Scholarship Fund

GAIT TRC serves children and adults in the tri-state area, providing equine activities and therapies at a fraction of their actual cost. Seventy percent (70%) of GAIT’s annual operating costs come from grants and other donations.

Despite GAIT’s best efforts to keep costs as low as possible, the economic situation for some participants is tentative at best and non-existent at worst. The Jean Work Scholarship Fund was established specifically to help those families who cannot otherwise participate in any of these beneficial equine programs.

The fund was established in Jeannie’s name by the Allan and Wendy Kaplan family in 2009. Jeannie was a volunteer, board member, and PATH Intl. Certified Instructor at GAIT. Jeannie believed strongly in the benefits of therapeutic equine activities and often supported riders with financial difficulties with her own money, rather than see them turned away. You can read more about Jeannie HERE.

Please help to support GAIT’s riders, who would not otherwise be able to afford to participate, by clicking on the button below.

Jean Work Scholarship


Apply for a Scholarship

GAIT TRC is committed to providing financial assistance to those who would otherwise not be able to participate in GAIT’s programs. Prospective applicants are expected to exhaust all other financial options prior to submitting their request. All requests are reviewed by GAIT’s Board of Directors and scholarships are awarded based on availability of funds, participant’s need, commitment, and previous awards.

We do ask that those who have received a scholarship assist with fundraising events when possible and provide a testimonial of how GAIT’s programs have benefited them. These testimonials are used in grant applications, newspaper articles, presentations, and donation requests in order to replenish funds each year.

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