OSWC- Become a PATH Intl. Registered Instructor

Registered PATH Intl. On-Site Workshop and Certification (OSWC)

Dates:   April 13-16, 2019              Evaluators:   Sue Radcliffe & Martha Dubensky
To Register: Contact Laurie Bryceland at gait.laurie@gmail.com to register.

Must be a current PATH Intl. member to participate in workshop and/ or to certify. Membership is advised (but not required) to audit.  See the PATH Intl. certification page for full list of requirements, details, and resources.

About the Workshop & Certification

PATH Intl. Offers a self directed, multi-step educational process for those who are interested in becoming a Certified Registered Instructor or just seeking to learn more about the equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) industry. The 3 day workshop is a prerequisite to becoming a Registered Instructor and provides instruction on lesson plan development, tack and equipment use, volunteer management, demo lessons, information about disabilities and therapeutic approaches.

The process to become a Certified Registered Instructor consists of two phases that must be completed prior to certification, in addition to attending the workshop. The workshop may also be audited, however auditors do not participate in the hands-on portions of the curriculum, so attendance will not be counted towards certification.

PHASE ONE is managed by the PATH Intl. office and may take several months to complete. Components consist of online courses, exams, and receipt of an Instructor in Training (IT) letter (valid for 1 year). Any questions you have about this process should be directed to the PATH Intl. Certification Representative, Sarah Merrill, at (800) 369-7433 ext. 126.

PHASE TWO consists of a 3 day educational workshop (valid for 2 years) with hands on learning and culmination of the 1 day On- Site Certification, in which candidates demonstrate their riding and teaching abilities. Candidates seeking to certify must have completed all their Phase 1 requirements and have obtained 25 teaching hours under the guidance/ supervision of a PATH Certified Instructor/ Mentor.

*For an additional fee, GAIT TRC offers Mentoring for Instructors in Training to provide guidance and practical, hands- on experience to those working to become Therapeutic Riding Instructors.*

OSWC Registration Fees

Workshop Only: $450
       – Minimum 18 yrs of age and be a current PATH member
Certification Only: $350
       – See above; must also have completed all Phase 1 & 2 requirements
Both Components (Workshop & Certification): $750
Audited Workshop Only: $200
       – Minimum 17 years of age. Membership advised in order to document attendance
Audited Workshop & Certification: $550