Help Comfort GAIT Horses: Annual Bedding Fund Raiser


The horses at GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center are its most valuable asset, providing services to the community that cannot be duplicated.  For that reason, their comfort is a primary goal of the GAIT staff and you can help them achieve it.  It is time for GAIT’s  annual Bedding Fund Raiser. In addition to cold nights, the melting snow creates icy conditions which can require them to spend more time stalled than is usually the case.  Adequate bedding is important for them to be able to rest when they cannot take their preferred naps in the sunshine.

You can play a part in comforting them by visiting GAIT’s website ( , look on the right hand column, and click on the picture of R.J. inspecting a bag of bedding.  You can also mail a donation to GAIT PO Box 69  Milford, PA  18337. Making a donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center welcomes people of all ages with cognitive, emotional, physical, and/or behavioral challenges through equine assisted services that involve on, off, and beside the horse activities.  If you are interested in participating, volunteering, or learning more about the center visit, call (570) 409-1140, or email