August 2nd Horse Powered Reading with Pike Cty Library Summer Reading

On August 2, the Pike County Public Library will be at GAIT for an experience with horses and reading, led by Vera Ann Remes. Mrs. Remes is a Horse Powered ReadingTM Facilitator as well as a certified teacher and she holds multiple certifications from PATH Intl in Equine Assisted Services.

Horse Powered ReadingTM focuses on the learning process for the individual and builds upon children’s natural curiosity and determination. The role of the horse is to create an opportunity for immediate feedback and experiential learning to take place. The interaction between client and horse gives the facilitator insight into what the client is experiencing inside and what patterns are working or not working for them. That interplay allows for profound learning to take place.

August 2 will be the premier of Horse Powered ReadingTM at GAIT. If you have a child who might want to participate, they can register below.