Watch for our new veteran’s program coming in 2023

Watch for our new veteran’s program coming in 2023

Watch for our new veteran’s program coming in 2023

Veterans with Horses

GAIT is proud to offer Veterans With Horses for veterans and their families.

Remaining relaxed in the present moment and maintaining interpersonal connections with others can be difficult for those who have served in our military. Veterans With Horses, offered in accordance with PATH Intl. standards and guidelines, provides services tailored specifically to the individual’s needs and provides a Therapeutic, Learning and/or Horsemanship environment for Veterans and their families. Special needs to be addressed may include emotional, physical and/or cognitive traumas.

Therapeutic horsemanship has been proven to be effective for physical and emotional rehabilitation, including PTSD and brain injuries. Riding and working with horses allows participants a temporary escape from the stress and pressure of the outside world. Horses can teach how to be present in the moment and to let go of all the noise and clutter. GAIT’s equine programs focus on establishing a partnership between the horse and individual to build trust, improve personal decision making, and increase confidence as they learn to work together.

“The staff were incredibly warm and welcoming. I immediately felt at home. I could be comfortable there and not worry about anyone judging me… I have noticed many changes in myself. Social situations are becoming less scary, my confidence is starting to build, and bonding with a horse is the most amazing feeling… I believe in this program and I am blessed to be part of something meaningful again. I am currently planning on becoming an official volunteer, so I can continue to support this program to the fullest.”
—R.B., Army Veteran

“The time I spend each week with ‘my horse,’ Joey at GAIT, brings me a quieting of my anxiety. But it has also given me a framework to use when not there to help deal with those moments when my anxiety starts to ramp up. [Equine Services for Heroes] at GAIT is a superb program run by professionals who are dedicated to not only their horses, but each and every individual who steps foot in the barn.”
—Captain Cindy I., USAF, Retired

“This is an amazing and humbling and totally helpful experience! I’m so grateful for it. Beyond grateful.”
—C.I., Air Force Veteran

“GAIT has become a large part of my recovery. I’ve found the program beneficial both physically and mentally. A truly amazing gift from amazing people. Really can’t say enough about GAIT and all they do!”
–D.H., First Responder

Please call GAIT at 570-409-1140 or email [email protected] to ask about participating in this program.

Veterans With Horses provides Veterans with a free 10-week session of equine activities and/ or equine-facilitated counseling. These specially designed equine assisted services are intended to aid in recovery from PTSD, fatigue, burnout, depression, anxiety, and stress as well as helping participants reconnect with society and their families.

Financial assistance is also available to children of servicemen and women who would like to participate in GAIT’s programs.

It is through your generous donations that GAIT is able to provide its services to America’s heroes. Any amount is appreciated and goes directly to supporting this program

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GAIT is a PATH Int’l Premier Accredited Center and Federal 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.