Barn Painting Funded by Grant from Richard L. Snyder Fund of the Greater Pike Community Foundation Summer 2022

Just to give you an update on the barn painting, funded, in part, by a grant from the Greater Pike Community Foundation: Richard L. Snyder Fund, the barn is looking renewed and beautiful. Martha Dubensky’s brother Doug Wood donated the paint. Steve Seaman, one of GAIT’s barn managers, led the effort with other staff and volunteers to stain the walls and paint the trim. It is an ongoing project with touch ups and more trim to do, but the bulk of it is done. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Golf Event Benefits GAIT Advisory Council Endowment Fund and Pike County Library June 27, 2022

Held June 27th, the first charity golf event, benefitting both GAIT TRC and the Pike County Public Library, was sold out with over 100 participants. The event was held at the Lord’s Valley Country Club and provided a light breakfast and a plentiful buffet lunch. Prizes were given to the winning foursome as well as for other amazing feats in the day’s event. The participants really enjoyed themselves and were asking when the next one will be. The event raised $15,577 to be shared equally between GAIT and the library. Our golfers, sponsors, organizers, and the Lord’s Valley Country Club scored a big hole-in-one with a successful first outing, supporting programs for this community.

NEPA Gives 24 Hour Day of Giving a Success for GAIT June 3, 2022

NEPA Gives is an event that GAIT has participated in since their original day of giving in 2020. This is a 24 hour day of giving for non-profit organizations in Northeastern PA. Each year, GAIT achieved its goal. This year, on June 3, GAIT reached and far surpassed its goal of $2,400. Thanks to those of you who generously gave toward this fundraising campaign, GAIT also received matching grants and a $500 award. That is the benefit of NEPA Gives–its sponsors offer matches and prizes for organizations to win, making the donors dollars go even farther during that 24 hours. Therefore, the grand total came to $4,024, 168% of our goal. Thank you for your support on this important day.

Delaware Valley School District Participates in GAIT EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) Spring Semester 2022

Two middle school classes from Delaware Valley Middle School came to GAIT TRC for an Equine Assisted Learning program this Spring. It was scheduled for each class to attend once a week for six weeks. However, the improvements made by students according to the teachers and administrators were so powerful that the program was extended for an additional three weeks. Students and teachers had limited exposure or experience with horses previous to coming to GAIT. Sequential tasks, patience, and experiential growth gave participants self-confidence, self-regulation, and a sense of pride in their work.Sessions were led by GAIT Exec Dir/Founder Martha Dubensky who employed techniques learned over decades of experience with special needs children. Not only did the students eventually walk up to their assigned horses with confidence, but ultimately groomed the horses (including their hooves), led the horses (through obstacles) and then taught their teachers and aids to either groom or lead their horse. Each week was a rewarding experience for all involved. GAIT is very grateful to the committed volunteers who showed up each week. They were creative, persistent, and supportive in helping the students have a positive, successful session each visit.
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Veteran/First Responder Mentors for Horses Announced Spring 2022

GAIT TRC is initiating a project, funded by the Robert H. Spitz Foundation, to develop mentorships for the horses. Veterans and First Responders, regardless of any past horse experience, are invited to help GAIT with this effort to partner its working horses with individuals who can provide consistent interaction. Developing both effective partnerships and a conditioning program is essential for GAIT’s most valuable resource. Horse-human interactions, such as grooming, develop relational skills in the horse such as trust and connection. Activities may also include leading horses through courses and challenges in a safe and natural environment. Participants, trained by an equine specialist, will further GAIT’s opportunities to provide Equine Assisted Services for those in our community with special needs.